Layouts/ Backgrounds

A multi-plane camera from Studio Ghibli during my visit in Tokyo, Japan.

'ALIEN' - Background Design

Early Designs for an upcoming T.V Pilot.

'SHOOT' - Layout Development

Behind the scenes of 'SHOOT' showing the layout process.  Each storyboard was translated into Autodesk 3ds Max to recreate the virtual world for the film.  I worked closely on each scene, such as camera positions and prop placements, ensuring a strong composition and a cinematic look for the film.

'SHOOT' - Background Development

This is a working process on backgrounds for my graduation film 'SHOOT'.  A combination of 2d and 3d techniques.

JAM Media - Environment Designs

Early environment concepts for a pre-school show called Ivor's Island.

 "Mass Appeal"

 A film where I was responsible for the backgrounds - Photoshop and Acrylic Paint.

College Work

"Sweet Shop" - Pencil on Paper

"Abandoned Fairground" - Pencil on Paper

"Scrap Yard" - Pencil on Paper

'Table and Chairs' - Pencil on Paper

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